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You are your own enemy You are your own enemy

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It has potential but I believe the scoring system is fatally flawed in that a player can stay in one place with the ship and just rack up points because the guns go in a predictable motion. It might be good to put in obstacles or something to make either the ship move. Maybe start with just the normal setup until 200 points, with 1 point gained for every second you stay alive plus 10 points for any gun you dodge, then add in an AI controlled gun (maybe in a different colour, which you have to dodge as well but doesnt give you bonus, this keeps you moving), you could ramp up the difficulty by adding in more guns over time.

3 stars out of 5

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TheNAkos responds:

You have a great point in this. When I made this my thinking was this: "There is no people who wait 20000 seconds to get 20000 points, so they will shoot". But now I am sure there are people who left the game and let it count. I will remember the concept and its flaws next time I trying with this idea :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good time

I had a good time playing the game actually. Was pretty fun, I completed it twice to see if there was anything to offer on the bottom route. Was moderately easy to complete.

Mario Catcher Mario Catcher

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Simple and not bad

Its simple and not bad. I got 852 on a touchpad, but think probably could have done better with a mouse. The main problem is the sudden abrupt changes in speed as well as the lack of variability in the game. There was also a slight problem that you could catch people through the side of your pipe

You could add in different characters for example:
Peach float down with an umbrella
Have stars as invincibility and then 1up mushrooms as extra life (make them go down really fast)
Have stuff to avoid like koopas or bowser or thwomps say...
and a leaderboard :)

Pico's Leap of Faith Pico's Leap of Faith

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Interesting concept

Sorry if this isnt particularly great review, its my first time reviewing so dont expect to be perfect:
On the plus side, I love the 8-bit graphics, reminds me of good times and the music isnt bad, on the bad side though, the game is too fast in that you have to know which direction to go before you see the actual spikes to actually have a chance. I dont know how long it goes on for as I didnt bother to finish it sorry but I got
LLRLLLRRRLLLRRLLLLRR as the side you need to put pico on for the first 20 or so spikes.

Stickman91 responds:

The more you learn from your mistakes, the farther you go!